Jun 082011


Best of Show
Marilyn Belle-Isle In Silence

Rochester Art Supply Award
Lennie Muscarella Sore Thumb

Juror’s Awards
Brenda Cretnay Mailboxes
Elizabeth K. Durand Apron Strings
Alice Gold Good Fortune
Alice Gold Tilt
Valerie Larsen, NWS We’ve Lost our Marbles
Sherry Tulloch Os-The Source of Language from
The Rune Poem

Merit Awards
Charlotte Barnard Infinite Wholeness
Elizabeth K. Durand Rock ,Water ,Drill
Alice Gold Assumption
Dick Roberts The Pale of Winds of Memory, Poem
By Dick Roberts
Pat Tribastone, PSA,MC Playing Games
Sherry Tulloch Old School

Juror Jeanne Raffer Beck’s Comment:

Lovely works, lovely show-The pieces where the connection was more evident to the challenge of the theme were chosen for awards.

The RAC thanks Show Chair Sherry Tulloch for her hard work and dedication.