May 082011


Best of Show (body of work) Kevin Feary

Rochester Art Supply Award (body of work) Hwang Nam Chang

Juror’s Awards
Suzi Zefting-Kuhn ‘Study for Wisdom and Wisdom’
Lennie Muscarella ‘The Prep Boy’ and ‘The Waiter’
Pat Tribastone ‘Tessa II’ and ‘Sari’
Harry Bliss ‘Selma’ and Portrait of my son, Phil’
Marilyn Feinberg ‘Returning’

Merit Awards
Erika Hutch ‘Sunstruck’ and ‘Penny for Your Thoughts’
Valerie Larsen ‘Wintry’
Jack Heister ‘Dani’
Leslie Heen ‘Reclining Nude’
Carol Bensley ‘Sisters’
Suzi Zefting-Kuhn ‘Michael B’
Oct 082010


Best of Show
Patricia Tribastone, PSA When Your Heart’s on Fire

Rochester Art Supply Award
Patricia Tribastone, PSA Pedals

Juror’s Awards
Lennie Muscarella Busking in Florence
Lennie Muscarella The Decatur Street Shuffle
Dianne Elmslie Terpsichore, Goddess of Music and Dance
Roland Stevens Barn Music
Roland Stevens Piper’s Dream
Suzi Zefting-Kuhn Jazz Hands V

Merit Awards
Marilyn Belle-Isle Inner Notes
Ken Dodgson We Shall Overcome
Dianne Elmslie & Sherry Tullock Homage to Autumn Leaves by Piaf
Robert Ross Time Out
Roland Stevens Poplar Rhythm
Dick Roberts All That Jazz

May 082010


Best of Show
Erika Hutch Reverie

Mary Strong Award for Best Watercolor
Roland Stevens Bottoms Up

Juror’s Awards
Harry Bliss Window Series #3
Kevin Feary Jessamyn
Alice Gold Figure
Wilhelm Haas Fowl-Foul
Valerie Larsen New York Café
Pat Tribastone Keeping Her Distance

Merit Awards
Jennifer Apetz In the Forest
Hwang Chang Rusty and Greecy
Don Grieger Walnut Street
Barbara Jablonski Lobster Boats in Pimaquid Harbor
Leonard Muscarella After the Met
Jean K. Stephens What Remains: Gray Fox
Oct 082009


Best of Show
Frank Monte Jeffrey

Mary Strong Award for Best Watercolor
Roland Stevens Workshop Reflections

Juror’s Awards
Pat Tribastone Vessels I
Claire Sutera Peacefield
Robert Keim Hoping for a Salmon
Kevin Feary Silent Plea
Lorraine Bohonos Untitled I
Erika Hutch Lucky

Merit Awards
Valerie Frischmann Marsh in Early Morning
Frank Monte The Walking Bridge
Lennie Muscarella Mary
Jim Rodgers Night Morning
Jeanne Lindsay Single Pear
Louis Lanzi Like an Old Movie
May 082009


Best of Show
Dick Roberts Retinue

Mary Strong Award for Best Watercolor
Loretta Brown A Different View

Juror’s Awards
Kathie Belly Venice
Rosemary Pergolizzi Highland Park Twilight
Harry Bliss Enigma
Diane Elmslie Key West Lights
Katherine Weston Veiled Landscape
Harry Bliss A Tribute to Andy

Merit Awards
Kevin Feary Aw Shucks, Bill, I…
Renate Eckart Coming Home
Sherry Tulloch Merely a Pretext for a Landscape
John Wagner Stream in March
Alice Gold Tower on the Green
Nadia Learned Chorale

Oct 082008


Best of Show
Joan Foss Forest Creek Bed—Oil

President’s Award (newly instituted this show)
Renate Eckart Waiting—Oil

Mary Strong Award for Best Watercolor
Valerie Larsen, NWS Snorkeling—Gouache

Juror’s Awards
Joan Foss Spring in the Hills—Oil
Don Grieger A Quiet Winter Day—Oil
Valerie Larsen, NWS FlourishGouache
Constance Mauro Ripped & Torn—Monoprint
Judy Soprano Inlet on Sitka Bay—Oil
Jean K. Stephens Tumbled Brick Nest—Oil

Merit Awards
Philip Bliss Sunlit Woods—Acrylic
Lorraine Bohonos Blue Sweater—Oil
Robert E. Keim Barn Path—Oil
Colette Savage Waiting for Spring (En Plein Air)—Pastel
Roland Stevens, NWS Sleepy Bob—Watercolor
John W. Wagner Mendon October—Oil

May 082008


Best of Show
Leonard Muscarella Boy from Pisa

Mary Strong Award
Dick Kane Back Side

Juror’s Awards
Pat Tribastone Afternoon Sun
Roland Stevens III Old Workbench
Don Grieger Creek Bed
Leslie Heen Green Hat
Andrea Petitto Life Line
Harry Bliss Friend Revisited

Honorable Mention
Roland Stevens III Sweet Pea
Philip Bliss Sunlit Woods
Don Grieger Swamp with Pond Scum
Jeanne Lindsay A Ray of Light
Mary Stid Anticipation
Christine Waara Time for Bed

Oct 082007


Best of Show
Roland Stevens Kitchen Cutlery

Mary Strong Award
Val Larsen Fishing Pier

Juror’s Awards
Elizabeth King Durand Sundial
Suzi Zefting-Kuhn Dog Day Afternoon
Kristina Hutch-Mathews Prodigy
Ron Haas Whims of Change
Jo Ell Mileo Cunningham Afternoon Tea
Jack Taft Lands End

Honorable Mention
g. a. Sheller The Concert
Dick Kane Golden Morning, Keuka Lake
Alice Gold 4 Figures
Jennifer Apetz On the Rocks
Colette Savage Ontario Beach Sunset
Harry Bliss Mother of Thirteen

May 082007


Best of Show
Harry Bliss Thoughts of Spring

Mary Strong Award
Dianne Hickerson Rose Bowl

Juror’s Awards
Virginia Braun Keuka Dawn
Joan Foss Hidden Place
Kristina Hutch Matthews Free Association
Kristina Hutch Matthews Perpetuity
Jean Stephens Coop
Mary Watson Riley Rendezvous at Sonnenberg

Merit Awards
Alice Gold Reflection
Dianne Hickerson Breath of Spring
Erika Hutch Garden Jewel
Rose K. McCaughey Pears N’Old Lace
Cesar Palacio Small Conversation
Dick Roberts Country Red

Oct 082006


Best of Show
Kathleen Hanney Balance

Mary Strong Award
excellence in water color
Paul Allen Taylor Stinkpots

Juror’s Awards
Jean K. Stephens Dance of the Gourds
Robert E. Keim Back Road to Conesus
Andrea Petitto Farm Stand – Corn
Barbara Jablonski Adirondacks at Bog Falls I
Alice Gold Figure
Judith Jackson Epilogue

Merit Awards
Edward H. Balcer Backroad
Beth Wickham Sea Grapes – Revisited
Harry Bliss Ann
Philip Bliss Putneyville Shoreline
Ruth Haas Morning Drizzle Charlevoix, QC