Exciting Workshop Opportunity with Jeffrey Hein!

July 20-24, 2015

Hosted by

The Rochester Art Club

Sorry the workshop is now full. Wait list available. 


Workshop Description:   Class limit 15

There are many criteria that go into creating a successful portrait. While capturing a good likeness of the sitter is very important, it’s not enough. A great portrait feels alive, evokes emotion, and captures the viewer through the beauty of its maker’s compositional and aesthetic choices.  In this portrait painting workshop Jeff Hein will discuss what he believes to be the key elements of creating a great portrait.  He will discuss creating a concept, formulating good composition and designing of marks, strokes and color. Jeff will also break down the formal process of painting a head into its most basic parts; drawing, value and color. As Jeff demonstrates daily he will show his techniques and discuss key principles associated with these three areas. As students paint from a live model each day, Jeff will critique and assist on an individual basis in an effort to help each student complete the workshop a better portrait painter.

Portrait by Jeff Hein







Another portrait by Hein











Workshop Location & Time:

The Hungerford

1115 E. Main St.

Rochester NY 14609

Studio 458

9am-4pm each day with an hour lunch break


Cost:  Includes Model Fees

Rochester Art Club & New York Figure Study Guild members get registration priority until January 1st when it will open to the public.  Sorry the workshop is now full (12/14/14) but if you wish to be added to a wait list please contact Suzi at suzizeftingkuhn@gmail.com


RAC/NYFSG Tuition $ 550                              Non members  $585


A fee of $150 is due upon registration to hold your spot. Remaining balance may be paid in installments with final payment due no later than June 1, 2015


Workshop Coordinator:  Suzi Zefting-Kuhn  585-233-5645 or suzizeftingkuhn@gmail.com  for any questions


Mail form and check payable to the Rochester Art Club to Rochester Art Club, 1115 E. Main St. Box 43, Rochester NY 14609.



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Jeff Hein Workshop 7/20-24, 2015


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Cancellation policy:  We will refund all but your deposit of $150 if you cancel prior to April 1st.  If the workshop fills we will refund your entire amount. No refunds if you cancel after May 1st unless the workshop fills completely. Bear in mind we have to cover payment to the artist, travel and lodging expenses and model fees.


Click on this link for the full workshop pdf and registration form.  Remember only Rochester Art Club and New York Figure Study Guild members may apply at this time. If you are a non member check with Suzi at suzizeftingkuhn@gmail.com beginning January 1, 2015 to inquire about any openings or be put on a wait list.

Exciting Workshop Opportunity with Jeffrey Hein


Exciting Workshop Opportunity with Jeffrey Hein