2023 New RAC Board Officers Elected

Melanie Rinn Martinek, RAC President

In June 2023, the RAC membership elected three new officers to the Board: Melanie R. Martinek as President, Rosemary Pergolizzi as Vice-President, and Christine Norris as Exhibition Chair.

They join board members who are already serving terms, to comprise the 2023 RAC Board:

President: Melanie Rinn Martinek

V. President: Rosemary Pergolizzi

Exhibitions: Christine Norris

Membership: Mary Stid

Treasurer: Gabriele Lodder

Recording Secretary: Kath DeWitt Hess

Program Chair: Vacant

Workshops: Suzi Zefting-Kuhn

Website: Annalise Schmidt, Victoria Brzustowicz

Publicity: Steve BonDurant

Newsletter Editor: Lori Capron Galan

Historian: Carlos Perez

Social: Nancy Lane

Board Members at Large:

Kevin Feary

Kathy Bolin

Lennie Muscarella

Cris Metcalf

If you are interested in becoming involved with the RAC Board, contact us at info@rochesterartclub.org