Jeffrey J Tokarz and Shane And Brooke

“Capturing the light and shadow of a subject with charcoal is the essence of an emotional story – a narrative filled with depth and authenticity.”

Jeff Tokarz’ work can be described as impressionist realism. Specializing in charcoal, he began painting and selling commissions in 2020. Self-taught, Tokarz paints portraits and landscapes that depict compelling narratives. Charcoal, he finds, intensifies observers’ emotional connections with his paintings. Inspired by Carl Bloch, Norman Rockwell, and John Singer Sargent, Tokarz initiates the painting process collaboratively with clients seeking to understand the story to be conveyed in the portrait, or landscape commission.

Working exclusively from reference photos, Tokarz’ painting process begins with a
“blocking-in” of shapes and values to develop a composition. Final details and refinements, in concert with the client’s wishes, continue until the narrative piece of art is approved.

Tokarz is a Signature Member of the Rochester Art Club, member of the Portrait Society of America, member of Mill Art Center and Gallery, and a member of the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.

Self-portrait, Jeff Tokarz