Jun 302013

President’s Review of RAC’s Fiscal Year 2012-2103

  • We hosted two more successful workshops, one in August 2012 on still life with Elizabeth Robbins and another in March of 2013 with Steven Assael. We have gained a positive reputation nationally and for the first time this year I received an inquiry from a national artist asking to come to Rochester to do a workshop! She had been advised by other national artists to talk with me. Now I need to find a time slot for her. It is a very nice predicament to be in for sure! This, along with the New York Figure Study Guild also bringing in nationally acclaimed artists and both organizations collaborating on several of the workshops has served to put Rochester on the map within that realm.
  • We have teamed up with the New York Figure Study Guild as ‘sister’ organizations and will continue to pursue the strengths of this collaboration.
  • After sending out an email survey early last fall and receiving close to 50 responses it was clear that members wished to see more regular if not monthly programs. We have taken some ‘baby steps’ with these to test attendance and so far the ones we have provided have proved to be pretty well attended.
  • The Rochester Art Club website has been kept updated with member news and we recently added paypal buttons to both the workshops page and the members’ area to make payment of workshop installments and dues easier for members.
  • We have increased our number of likes on our facebook page and Peggy Martinez will be working to increase our presence on social media.
  • Our classes have done fairly well this past fiscal year.
  • We organized an exhibition with the RAC and the Arena Group, thinking out of the box a bit, which will involve 15 members from each group creating their interpretations of black and white photos provided by Lumiere. The exhibition will take place in February of 2014.
  • We renewed our membership with the Arts and Cultural Council this past winter and will be utilizing their complimentary legal aid to help us determine if we operate properly as a 501 c 3, and if our by-laws need to be revised etc. Our $200 membership fee is well spent for what could be a costly legal process. We have been paired up with Jon Schumacher who is a retired attorney from Nixon Peabody.
Respectfully submitted by Suzi Zefting-Kuhn

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