RAC 2023 Fall Member Show Awards Announced

Kathleen Bolin and Bedazzled
©Kathleen Bolin

The RAC 2023 Fall Member Show reception and awards ceremony at Barnes & Nobel, Pittsford Plaza on November 9. 55 pieces were accepted for the exhibit from 132 submitted. Judge Corey Pitkin did a great job in jurying the show, selecting the winners, and provided written critiques. The show ends Friday,December 1, 2023.
Awards presented are as follows:

Best of Show

Bedazzled, Kathleen Bolin

Rochester Art Supply Award

Grizabella, Laurie Maddalina

Juror Awards

Altay Store, Steve BonDurant

Wyatt, Brian O’Neill

Apple Tree, Kevin Feary

Punchline, Steven Peet

Triscilla’s Hat, Erika Hutch

Early Morning Fog, Tim Winter


Merit Awards

Bread Box, Kathy Armstrong

Fresh Baked, Christine Norris

Radiance, Nancy Lane

Shane and Brooke, Jeffrey Tokarz

Puppy Love, Andrea Nadel

Remembering Bonnard, Bill White

The exhibition is on view at Barnes & Nobel, Pittsford Plaza, or online.