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RAC Final Reports May, 2013

May, 2013

RAC Education yearly report

The Rochester Art Club had its best year yet with the Studio Classes.  We had a full roster of classes for each of the Fall, Winter and Spring classes.  We have added several successful teachers to our faculty including Nancy Lane, Olivia Kim and Christine Waara.  During the Fall and Winter sessions, roughly 50% of the classes ran, with the Spring session running far fewer of the classes.

The class brochure has been the only expense in the education program.  The cost of the brochures has so far exceeded what we could bring in with rental fees for the instructors.  For example, the Winter brochure expense was over $635, while the receivables were only $150.  We printed fewer brochures for the Spring session, but fewer classes were run, resulting again in a net loss. To correct this, we will use another less expensive way of printing out the brochures, and revisit the rental fees.  The financial goal is to break even at this point.

During the April First Friday the faculty had a show of their work, along with promotion of the classes.  This was in an effort to stimulate awareness of the program and encourage participation.

The goal of the Education Program is to bring quality programs to the public.  The program began in 2011 offering only 2 classes, and during our busiest session (Winter) this year we offered 11 classes with 9 instructors.  Over time, the RAC studio classes will become more widely known and recognized as one of the major sources for art instruction in our area.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Tribastone, Education Coordinator


Rochester Art Club Publicity Report

July 2012- June 2013

Submitted by Joan Dwyer

The contact list was updated once again.  Suzi Zefting Kuhn has continued to submit information for the First Fridays.  Information was submitted for the Fall (2012) and Spring (2013) shows, for the Fall RAC Retrospective Show and for the Steven Assael workshop presentation held at the Memorial Art Gallery and open to the public.  Submissions were sent to all local publications and also to the local art clubs.  JPGs of past first prize winning art works were sent with each press release to increase the impact of the press release.  Results were disappointing and a more personal approach is recommended.  I made a number of attempts to work with City to write an article about one of our members, with no success.  However, they may be more receptive at another time, so I suggest trying again next year.


Programs Final Report July 2012-June 2013

The Total cost of Programs was $300.

We had a Panel Discussion on Thurs. Nov. 15,2012….our presenters split $100 four ways…(Dick Kane, Jeanne Lindsay, Pat Tribastone, g.a. Sheller)…We had a great turnout and positive feedback.

Our December program was our annual Holiday Party…Dec. 6…Suzi graciously offered her space…We all felt it accommodated our needs (traffic flow, buffet table , Dining tables) much better.  The RAC exhibition space was used for appetizers and mingling to live music beforehand.

We did not have a Jan./Feb. Program.

We had a presentation by Steve Assael on March 21.(Interpreting Color in the Portrait)….this was scheduled during the  time frame that Steven was here for a workshop.  Those who took it feel very fortunate to have seen this genius at work.

On April 18, 2013 we had a Program/Presentation on Encaustics by Kathryn Bevier…informative, interesting…enjoyable.

Our May Program was a Portrait Sculpture Presentation/Demo by RAC Signature Artist Olivia Kim.  It was truly inspirational.  Thank you Olivia.

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Lippa, Program Chair


RAC Community Outreach Program Report for Fiscal Year  2012-2013

This past year, I put together a simple, easy to read form to distribute to outlying art groups. The purpose of this was to promote Rochester Art Group members who teach and demonstrate. It is being targeted to the program chairs of the different art groups to use primarily to facilitate filling their program needs for the upcoming year. It can also be used to identify, for members of the other art groups, those artists who teach classes and workshops.

The list should be updated annually, with an opportunity to present newer examples of art work and any changes in data (e-mail contacts, websites, additions or subtractions to the list, etc), and then redistributed to the existing or new  program chairs as changes occur in the outlying art groups. The prime time to do this would be in late May to mid-June, when the incoming program chairs for the different art groups are voted on, and before their programs for the upcoming year are in place.

To put the list together, I first came up with a format that was brief and to the point, easy to read and included topics that the artist would demonstrate/ discuss at a monthly club meeting. After identifying pertinent information to include, I made up a excel sheet with columns that included the following:

Name of artist, phone number, e-mail and website, medium(s) the artist uses, demonstration topics for programs, availability to serve as judges and an example of their work.

This year, I sent the information to the following art groups and contacts within those groups:

Suburban Art Group     Chris O’Handley,  cohandle@rochester.rr.com

Batavia Society of Artists       bsa@bataviasocietyofartists.org

Irondequoit Art Club      Jim Dawson, jpdawson1938@yahoo.com

Webster Art Club     Peggy Martinez, pegh61@aol.com

Penfield Art Association     Corky Geck, 35 Parkerwood Lane, Penfield, NY 14526

Pittsford Art Group     Kathy Bolin, kmbolin@hotmail.com

New York Figure Study Guild      Susan Schiffhauer, smschiff@hotmail.com


Respectfully submitted by Kathy Bolin, Community Outreach




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